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Customs Import Clerk

Richardson, Texas, USA

Job Type

Part Time

About the Role

The main responsibility of a Customs Import Clerk is to examine and
handle air import entries, along with their associated tasks, for significant
accounts, while interacting with Airline cargo departments, transportation
companies and designated Federal agencies.

You would work under the general supervision of a licensed Customs
Broker and interact with all involved parties regarding assigned accounts
and the entry of critical data into U.S. Government data systems. Execute
all responsibilities accurately, in an effective manner, and in accordance
with company standards, exercising discretion and independent judgment as

- Receives, analyzes, processes and executes import data and account
information for existing customers, handling their importations, including air
and intermodal shipments.

- Fosters a favorable rapport with the client and government agencies
by consistently delivering exceptional, prompt customer service. Coordinate
with supply chain partners and external entities in a timely manner to
provide outstanding service.

- Processes and submits import shipment information and cargo details
into required U.S. Government data systems in a timely and accurate manner
including interacting with the international customer to ensure the receipt of
accurate and conforming data.

- Corroborates documentation is accurately processed, distributed and
released internally and to the customer in a timely manner

- Responsible to handle initial shipment documentation, and arrange
pickups and deliveries following any and all government agency
processes (e.g. CBP, FDA, etc.) for import shipments.

- Ensures we deliver the highest standard for customers, all shipments
move “on-time” and exceptions are handled appropriately.

- Works alongside the licensed Customs Broker ensuring they have all
required information, documentation and communications to follow up
and provide timely updates to the client.

- Ensures documentation is accurately processed, distributed and
released internally and to the customer in a timely manner.

Approximately 16-18 hours per week with some time flexibility,
but preferably in the morning hours.


Ability to work under pressure on time-critial shipments, coordinating

with the Broker and communicating with all stakeholders.

Previous customer service experience is a plus in order to be able to

understand the customer and provide the most appropriate service to their


Excellent analytical skills are necessary to identify, prevent, and resolve

complex problem situations in shipping.

Proficiency in mathematical skills is required for providing timely and

accurate data input into the various required data systems and to the

customer as well.

Analyzing intricate details to resolve shipping issues for clients is a key

aspect of the role.

Familiarity with standard software such as Microsoft Word and Excel is

necessary to generate applicable reports, charts, and graphs.

1 -2 years air import experience is a plus

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